Small efforts to build a peaceful world

At the 20th New Life Concert on December 2, 2019

December 2, 2019

It’s already been more than two decades since we started the New Life Concert to help our neighbors facing difficulty throughout the global village. Twenty is the age of adulthood and maturity. The New Life Concert will expand its action to be a vehicle for harmony, comforting the pain and sorrow of our neighbors with songs of love so we can be united in love, encouraging one another, with a sublime heart like that of a mother. We, the WeLoveU Foundation, will work harder so that our efforts, though small, will help make the world a more heartwarming and peaceful place where the songs of love resound everywhere, and the hearts of all people are filled with love and comfort.

Cheer up, everyone! After every dark night comes the glorious morning of a new day. Likewise, this world is not always gloomy and painful. I hope you let go of your pains and suffering, though temporarily, while singing the songs of love together, and arise together for a bright and hopeful future. We will cheer you on to stand with a heart full of hope.