To create a world through the love of a mother,
where no one feels lonely and everyone lives in peace,
respecting one another.

A mother will spare nothing if it is for her children. A mother comforts broken hearts and gives them courage and strength to get back up again. Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah envisions a peaceful world, where no one feels lonely and everyone respects one another.

A World Where No One Is Neglected

Every person is precious and should not be neglected. She has devoted her life to make it possible for everyone to live in peace and happiness by ending race, ethnic, religious, gender, or age-based discrimination.

“Life is too short. How unfortunate would it be for a person to have to endure the difficulties of life all alone? In the global village, there are too many people who are being neglected, living in isolation. In this situation, how comforted would they be if there were people walking together with them and cheering them on?”

All Humans Are One Big Family

“When viewed from space, Earth is like a village and 7.7 billion people are like a family living there.”

Although appearances, languages, nationalities, and environments may all differ, the people of the global village can be considered as one giant family. A family is the most precious social unit connected by love. It consists of a father, a mother, and children who all consider, respect, and love one another. As a mother’s love and guidance foster harmony within a family, when all members of the global village treat one another with the heart of a mother, the doors of communication will open and we will all unite.

The World Will Change When People Change

“A person is the smallest unit of humankind. A positive thought or behavioral change can bring about happiness and peace among their families, neighbors, communities, and nation, leading to a brighter future for the whole world.”

Behind every noble character was a mother who sacrificed and spared no efforts to nurture and educate her child. In that sense, we can say that mothers are humankind’s best teachers and peacemakers. If everyone is able to share the warm-heartedness that they learned from their mothers, disputes and conflicts will vanish from our society and be replaced by sustainable development and peace.