Major Activities

Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah works to protect women’s rights, create a society free of discrimination, support education for future generations, respond to climate change as well as protect the global environment, and attain international peace without wars. She does so with the heart of a mother, who regards all people as one big family living in the global village.

Mother’s Heart
  • Protection of Women’s Rights
  • Support for the Underprivileged
  • Support for Future Generations
  • Protection of the Global Environment
  • Cooperation for International Peace
Happiness of the Global Village

Protection of Women’s Rights

Women are the beginning of life and the foundation of social development. All women play a vital role in society as mothers and wives. However, in many parts of the world, women are still marginalized, discriminated against, abused, and denied of their human rights. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah works to protect women’s rights such as the right to daily life, freedom, and education. She provides coverage for medical expenses, behavioral health, daily necessities, and more, for single mothers, women with disabilities, and female migrants.


  • Support for women’s independence and livelihood
  • Maternal protection
  • Support for mothers’ education
  • Support for migrant women’s social adjustments and behavioral health

Support for the Underprivileged

Many people suffer from inequality, discrimination, and marginalization, including hunger, water shortages, poverty, diseases, natural disasters, climate change, and environmental pollution. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah strives to protect people in these circumstances so they can live equally instead of being discriminated against based on their gender, race, age, culture, disability, or socioeconomic status.


  • Medical support for senior citizens
  • Medical support for underprivileged groups
  • Support to help alleviate poverty and hunger
  • Support for community well-being
  • Blood drives
  • Disaster relief and recovery efforts

Support for Future Generations

Children and the youth are advocates for future generations. Helping them grow in a healthy and equitable society is the first step toward a successful future. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah educates future leaders to nurture good character, sensibility, and a spirit of camaraderie. The Chairwoman also supports the youth with covering medical expenses, building educational facilities, and providing educational equipment to ensure students are not neglected because of their circumstances. She deeply cares for the youth and enables and empowers them to work towards a future of equity and respect for all people.


  • Medical support for children’s wellbeing
  • Support for children and young adults’ education
  • Support for school facilities and educational equipment
  • Character education for students and their parents

Protection of the Global Environment

Environmental pollution and climate change cause numerous disasters that threaten lives around the world. Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah takes the lead in helping keep the environment clean for humankind to achieve a clean and sustainable future where people and nature coexist. Through the Clean WORLD Movement, the global community raises environmental awareness and cleans local communities. She also helps families who suffer from water shortages and climate change, and cultivates environmental leaders who will protect our planet.


  • Clean WORLD Movement
  • Support for water-stressed countries with water and sanitation supplies
  • Medical support for climate refugees and aid to become independent
  • Environmental education and campaigns to cultivate environmental leaders

Cooperation for International Peace

The end of conflict and war does not bring about true peace. True peace is achieved when social crime, conflict, and discrimination are resolved, community rights are secured, and communities and individuals engage in open dialogue and active listening to reach harmony. Individuals, communities, countries, and the world must take part in the process for peace.

Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah has created networks the world can join in creating a hopeful future for humankind. Through this, she seeks developmental measures for war prevention, emergency relief, and life-saving aid along with international organizations, governments, institutions, and civil society. Her global humanitarian performance is in line with the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a common task of the international community, which paves the way for world peace.


  • Relief efforts for war refugees
  • Medical support for people of national merit
  • Consolatory visit to peacekeeping forces
  • New Life Family Walkathon
  • New Life Concert
  • Save the World Global Forum
  • Meetings with diplomats for global welfare discussions
  • MOUs and collaborations with international organizations, governments, institutions, and civil society